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The city of Rimini

In the collective imagination of Rimini, thanks to its 30 km of coast, is often referred to as a place of fun and entertainment. But it is also much, much more! It is the city that gave birth to the great director Federico Fellini, and is also the city which over the centuries has been the crossroads of many dominations, which have left their traces in the urban structure of the town.

Among the historic sites not to miss include: the roman era: the Arch of Augustus, the roman Amphitheater, the Ponte Tiberio , Piazza Tre Martiri, the Domus of the Surgeon, Montanara; medieval: Palazzo dell'arengo and Palazzo del Podestà; the age of the renaissance: the Malatesta Temple, Castel Sismondo, piazza cavour and the Palazzo Lettimi.

The food and wine of romagna

It is in Romagna, without taste and savour the traditional dishes of the tradition of the place, a simple cuisine of the rural tradition and seafaring. It starts from the starters, to the base of piadina accompanied by cold cuts and local cheeses, to pasta, including tagliatelle, ravioli, cappelletti and strozzapreti seasoned with meat sauce or with meat broth, and ending with the seconds meals based on fish from the Adriatic. Very typical of the area is the soup, a plate with various kinds of fish stewed with tomato and spices. Among the typical wines there are Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Cagnina.

News, the City renews itself!

Rimini is always in constant renewal, and there are currently no urban projects to make the city more beautiful and more accessible, both for citizens and for tourists. Recently re-opened the famous “Cinema Fulgor”, the protagonist of the life and works of Federico Fellini, the place where he saw his first film and where he fell in love at first sight. The place that now, after so many years, comes back to live, and to offer moments of encounter and culture.
The exterior of the Castle Sismondo has been rebuilt with an external square all new that are soon to join the Teatro Galli, the place right across the street, which is still in phase of restoration. Finally, in the city's largest park, the Parco Marecchia was created a square on the water , directly overlooking the canal and on the Tiberio Bridge, and the walkway suspended along the walls of the port, always close to the park and the bridge.

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